“We believe that all lives have equal value. Therefore we need to do whatever it takes to ensure equality and help children to transform their individual situation into a better life. This is our aim and with our foundation we want to contribute to this purpose.”


Ensure Health

We believe that every child deserves a healthy start into life.

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Enable Education

We believe that every child deserves a chance to get out of poverty.

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Provide Protection

We believe that the weakest and poorest in our society deserve the right to be protected from harm.

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We partner with entrepreneurs, corporations, philanthropic organizations and individual givers around the globe to bundle forces and to create a change for those who need it most.

For anyone wishing to co-found or partner with our foundation, please contact us. We offer opportunities to participate in initiatives & collaborations that allow to work together to achieve an even greater impact.


Our work depends on donations.

Every donation helps to realize our initiatives and to make an impact in the world.

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Our work needs supporters.

Motivated and dedicated people are highly welcome to participate in our projects and initiatives.

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Our work wants to be inspired by you.

Bring your ideas and skills to contribute to our foundation.

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Get in touch with our foundation to find out how you can support and contribute our work.