Kerala, India

Projects in India, Kerala – Little servants of the Divine providence is an organisation founded in January 1978 in Kerala, India by Dr. Mary Litty who dedicated her life to help mentally and physically ill children. These children are being taken care of their whole life as they are not able to fulfill their needs by themselves. We visited this home in 2004 for the first time and the work and dedication of all sisters is incredibly caring. Since then we have supported this organization regularly.

Due to the financial situation of the family handicapped children often will be abandoned. In some years, there had been so many new foundlings, that there hadn’t been enough beds and children had to sleep on handcarts. 

One of the first things was to donate some new beds for the children.

All children are handicapped and need help every day. It is
incredible to see how much happiness and friendliness this place owns.

The sisters have dedicated their lives to support the children. Every day they give their love to these individuals. Every time we come back from this special place everything in the world is different for us.

Zambia, Africa

Project in Africa, Zambia – the project was to support the construction of a new branch house in Zambia, Africa.

Excerpt Letter from Sister Jincy,
Little Servants of Divine Providence of Zambia

We thank you whole heartedly for your good will, to extend a helping hand towards our disabled children. As we have already informed you, the construction work of our branch house at Zambia (Africa) is in progress.

As Phase 1, we are planning to complete a small house with the basic accommodation facilities for some children and our sisters. In the current situation the monthly expenses of the work will be around £ 5000. It will be a great blessing if you can donate the amount you collected for this purpose. We enclose the pictures of the construction.

May God bless you and all those who became a part of this noble cause.

Yours in Jesus
Sr. Jincy

Manaus, Brazil

Project in Brazil, Manaus. In a small and Isolated village in the middle of the Amazonas, close to the Peruan border, we supported a village by providing basic goods for the children.

The whole village was around when we distributed basic goods for all children. From Toothrusked, toothpaste, soap, pencils to paper and books.